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Megnajet's fluid management systems support C-Marx growth

German additive manufacturing and print engineering business C-marx is being supported in its growth by Megnajet’s range of reliable and innovative fluid management systems.  

With its focus on delivering largely bespoke inkjet technology solutions, C-marx has integrated a succession of Megnajet’s fluid management systems and components within its individualised machines.

The close, collaborative partnership between the two companies began with the start-up of C-marx in 2020, in Chemnitz, Germany by its founders Peter Ueberfuhr and Sven Holewa. By helping companies integrate inkjet printing technology into production environments, particularly in additive manufacturing, the business has grown to a team of nine, turning over €1.3 million in 2023.

From packaging and graphics printing to R&D, electronics and industrial applications, C-marx uses its own CAD, software design and machine manufacturing know-how to build bespoke machines for its clients. Central to all its projects is the need to control the jetting of fluids accurately and reliably, and it is here that Megnajet’s systems have met C-marx’s demands for easy-to-use solutions that work effectively from day one. Each of Megnajet’s product families offer the flexibility for C-marx to run the diverse printhead technologies the business develops its solutions around.

Demand for inkjet is increasing significantly in additive manufacturing, driven by new printhead and fluid developments. High viscosity fluids or those required at high volumes mean accurate conditioning and control of their flow is critical. Megnajet’s systems operate with a variety of printheads and fluids and are all controlled by C-marx’s own software as part of each inkjet machine solution. The reliability and stability in operation of Megnajet’s products provide a range of benefits to C-marx, with both businesses collaborating to ensure the correct components are used.

Peter Ueberfuhr, Co-Founder at C-marx said: “Megnajet’s fluid management systems offer us a huge advantage through their reliability, ease of use and robustness. They are compatible with a wide range of printheads and are all controlled by our software to deliver the quality and consistency our customers need for the accurate jetting of what can often be complex and challenging fluids.”

The two companies take pride in working together and Megnajet’s broad portfolio significantly strengthens C-marx’s flexible approach to bespoke machine design.

Mike Seal, General Manager at Megnajet, said “C-marx’s expertise in inkjet and its ability to provide client solutions across a wide range of additive manufacturing and novel inkjet printing projects is second to none. The teams’ flexibility and ability to innovate at speed make them the perfect partner for our fluid management systems, and we are delighted to aid them in their continued growth.”

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