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Six reasons to invest

1. Market opportunity

We focus on markets where we have a competitive advantage, where we can offer a number of benefits over incumbent technologies.

  • A unique recirculation technology past the back of the nozzle as well as inside the nozzles which offers substantially better printhead reliability and nozzle open time
  • Patented technology which enables printing fluids which have a high pigment content and high viscosity. This gives us a wider window of opportunity because we can handle a wider range of fluids to deliver richer, more vibrant colours, or add functionality like scratch resistant or anti-slip surfaces, or value add embellishments and print effects
  • An open internal printhead design which produces industrial levels of printhead reliability and consequently higher production uptime. Sectors where we focus include Ceramics and Glass, Coding and Marking and Direct-to-Shape, 3D and Advanced Manufacturing, Packaging and Textiles, as well as Graphics and Labels

2. Proven technology and product roadmap with a strong value proposition

We have a product roadmap based on our new generation ImagineX technology platform that will develop our range to offer advantages over the competition and open new markets. Our unique technologies and products are the leading enabler for innovation and creativity, and for driving production efficiencies for many industries.

3. Experienced and focused management team

As the only leading independent printhead manufacturer we are able to have a flexible, collaborative approach. Our experienced management team is committed to remaining customer-centric with a focus on Xaar’s profitable growth strategy of offering our customers a vertically integrated solution

4. A clear strategic vision

Our customer-centric business model places the OEM and UDI at the heart of everything we do. We continue to execute on our plan to become more vertically integrated to drive printhead sales. Our ability to supply electronics, software, fluid management systems and print engines alongside application support, combined with a disruptive technology, sets us apart from our competition.

5. Roadmap to deliver the opportunities

Our ImagineX platform (launched September 2020) is driving our progress, enabling the business to increase its addressable markets whilst establishing market leading products across all our sectors. ImagineX has already delivered significant enhancements to the current portfolio; these include substantially improved speed and throughput as well as high throw distance and viscosities of over 100cP at jetting temperature. We have now launched three new printheads on this platform (Xaar Aquinox, Xaar Nitrox and Xaar Irix). Future product launches focus on increased robustness to improve the life of the printhead and even higher resolutions.

6. Strong balance sheet position

We have the resources necessary to implement our strategy. This provides the platform for security and a great foundation for future growth.

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