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Encouraging more sustainable approaches to design, manufacture, technology and collaboration across the whole product lifecycle

Areas of focus

  • Sustainable product development
  • Adopt an approach of recycle, rework, repair and reuse
  • Collaborate further with suppliers, customers and partners to accelerate sustainability opportunities

Our progress

  • 84 people attended the "Seeing is Believing open day"
  • The Aquinox printhead is  eco-friendly thanks to its water-based fluids meaning fewer chemicals in waste water
  • Ultra High Viscosity Technology has improved print quality at higher speeds with less ink and energy required
  • Our innovative products are enabling our customers to deliver a solution that has less impact on the environment.

Looking forward

  • Develop a life cycle analysis scorecard for Xaar printheads. Our goal is to generate an industry standard benchmark. This will give us full insight into the carbon impact of our products and help us to target high carbon areas.
  • Reduce scrap in our operations and design. We continue to look for new ways to reduce our scrap in operations through process improvements and product design reviews.
  • Design for reuse and recycle. We will undertake a review of current printheads, consumables, solvents, ink-rework, and recycling opportunities.

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