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Megnajet launches JetSource to meet the growing demand for high productivity inkjet printing

JetSource HV HFR Core

Megnajet has launched the JetSource HFR Core, a new fluid management system designed to meet the challenges of high-volume, inkjet printing and additive manufacturing applications.

Developed in response to the increasing industry demand for jetting large volumes of fluid, Megnajet’s latest fluid management system recirculates fluid at up to four litres per minute across up to five independent ports for printheads.

In addition, the JetSource incorporates an impressive system architecture which minimises any restrictions and enables peak flow rates to be achieved, thereby maintaining print system productivity.

This innovation in inkjet fluid management systems helps OEMs and integrators to overcome the common challenges in jetting large volumes of fluids. The system provides accurate, high-quality results across a range of applications including labelling and packaging embellishments, special varnish effects, braille and high-build 3D printing.

Optimised tank volumes ensure continuous availability of conditioned fluids with the advanced dual heating and sensing system providing precise temperature regulation for jetting.

Pressure stabilisation is also guaranteed with the JetSource HFR Core, providing a fast response to changes in print duty and maintaining control when ejecting large volumes of fluid. Thanks to a compressed air venturi system, it can react quickly and accurately to deliver high quality print regardless of the duty cycle.

Easily integrated to customers’ inkjet systems, its compact nature and ease of use make the JetSource HFR Core the ideal fluid management solution in high volume applications. Units can also be customised to suit specific fluid types, including the use of alternate body materials such as FDA approved food grade acetal or a choice of gasket materials and customisations to user software.

The launch of the JetSource HFR Core opens up the opportunity for OEMs to take advantage of the benefits of high productivity printheads and printbar-based architecture, without having to invest in developing their own solution.

Mike Seal, General Manager at Megnajet said, “We’re delighted to launch the JetSource HFR Core as it meets the growing demand to precisely and accurately control large volumes of fluid across high productivity printheads.

“JetSource will help our customers to access the many opportunities of high-volume inkjet applications, delivering print quality that is essential to their success, while saving them time, effort and resources in having to develop their own standalone solution.”

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