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KNF Pumps Enable High Performance Inkjet Systems

In the rapidly evolving world of inkjet printing, the demand for reliable fluid management solutions is growing. Megnajet, as a fluid management system specialist, has consistently risen to the challenge. At the heart of their innovative ink supply solutions, KNF pumps ensure exceptionally smooth and reliable operation. 

Inkjet Technology: Revolutionizing Printing Across Industries 

Inkjet technology has had a profound impact on the printing industry, providing versatile and efficient solutions for a wide range of applications. From packaging and product labeling to the precise printing on 3D objects, inkjet printers have made their mark in many fields, and the technology continues to push the boundaries of what can be printed. 

Fluid management systems, which are responsible for controlling and regulating the flow of fluids such as inks and coatings during the printing process, play a key role in this technology. They ensure that fluids are delivered at the correct flow rate, temperature and pressure, resulting in precise and consistent print quality and efficient fluid recirculation. 

Cutting-Edge Printing Solutions by Megnajet 

As experts in the design and manufacture of fluid management systems, Megnajet provides state-of-the-art printing solutions for a wide range of industries and applications – including additive manufacturing, graphics, packaging, textiles and ceramics. With a comprehensive product line, they offer industrial fluid management systems that enable OEMs and integrators to incorporate reliable and precise fluid control into their inkjet applications, enabling high-speed printing with exceptional accuracy and image quality.  

At the heart of Megnajet's systems, KNF diaphragm pumps are used for a variety of tasks, including ink supply and recirculation, meniscus and differential pressure control, degassing and purging. The successful partnership between KNF and the wider Xaar Group goes back 20 years. Since then, KNF pumps have been integrated into Megnajet’s renowned CIMS II (Compact Ink Management System), HV (High Viscosity) and RackFit products. 

Introducing JetSource Technology 

To meet industry’s growing demand for high volume fluid ejection, Megnajet’s latest JetSource HFR Core fluid management system provides precise and reliable ink delivery for high-flow industrial inkjet printing applications. It optimises ink flow, minimises clogging and ensures consistent print quality. By integrating advanced monitoring and control technology, the system delivers efficiency and productivity with large volumes of conditioned fluid at the right flow rate and pressure. 

Megnajet’s latest JetSource technology can recirculate fluid at rates of up to four liters per minute through up to five independent printhead ports. This high-performance system excels at handling a wide variety of inks and fluid management tasks by delivering a large volume of conditioned fluid at the precise flow rate, temperature and pressure required for efficient jetting or multi-head setups. This makes it ideal for a wide range of applications, including print embellishment, braille, gloss effects, coatings, adhesives, and high-productivity additive manufacturing. In addition, Megnajet’s JetSource system is very responsive to changes in print duty, providing stable pressure control even when ejecting large volumes of fluid.

Customised for Excellence 

At the heart of the JetSource HFR core are the KNF FP 400 as a recirculation pump and the FP 150 as a feed pump. In addition to the inherent benefits of diaphragm technology, such as self-priming and dry-running capability, durability and compatibility with aggressive media, the new FP pumps now deliver fluids smoothly, with very little pulsation. This provides additional benefits, including a much more efficient and effective fluid system and gentler handling of sensitive media. In particular, the FP 400’s ability to recirculate large volumes of heated ink through the system is a key enabling technology for the new JetSource fluid management system. Capable of supplying five printheads with the recirculation necessary for continuous priming and reliability at high temperatures over extended periods of time, it also supports the high laydown capability of the Xaar printheads, which can reach up to 330 ml/min each. To accomplish this task, the FP 400’s unique custom design features a stiffer and harder FFKM diaphragm, resulting in increased flow. To extend pump life, the eccentric has been reduced to 80 % of its original size. 

Maximising Printhead Performance 

Providing reliable and consistent performance, even when handling chemically aggressive, abrasive and sensitive inks, KNF pumps are a fundamental component at the heart of the fluid management system. Offering a wide range of flow adjustment and scalability, their modular design allowed Megnajet to select the exact features to meet their specific requirements. “Even under the most demanding conditions, KNF pumps have proven their reliability and ensured uninterrupted processes. With their long service life and precise performance, we are proud to have KNF as a partner we can rely on," explains Mike Seal, General Manager at Megnajet. 

KNF is proud to be a long-standing partner of Megnajet, with pumps that have played a key role in the company’s innovative inkjet solutions for two decades. 

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