Our Strategy

John Mills, CEO

"Great technology, great people and a large market opportunity.”

John Mills, CEO

A clear strategic vision

In April 2020 we announced new strategies across the business and are pleased to say that we have made good progress in implementing them. Whilst these strategies are focused on returning the business to profitability and growth in the medium term, the effect of some of these changes can already be seen. 

The change in go-to-market strategy which included removing distribution channels, a clear pricing strategy, and a sales process that is focused on selling the printhead based on its technical merits and the value of the relationship with Xaar, has already started to reap rewards. 

Over recent years Xaar has invested in excess of £70 million in its Thin Film development programme. Whilst that programme has stopped, the investment developed a significant portfolio of IP, some of which is now being deployed directly into our Bulk Printhead Technology platform.

This new platform, launching under the ImagineX brand name, will drive the next phase of Xaar’s success and enable industry-leading products across all market sectors. These products will deliver enhancements to the current portfolio by significantly improving speed and throughput, as well as resolution. Our future products will also provide additional capabilities to increase our addressable market, such as the ability to use aqueous fluids. 

A clear strategic vision
  • We have a customer-centric business model that places the OEM at the heart of everything we do

  • We focus on markets where we have a competitive advantage

  • We have a product roadmap that will develop our range to offer advantages over the competition and open new markets

  • We have a marketing plan that drives home the advantages of our current products, sells the value and capabilities of the new products on our roadmap and builds trust in Xaar
A differentiated offering
  • We are the only truly independent inkjet technology company with 30 years of experience

  • We offer unrivalled inkjet expertise, innovative technologies and printhead design and development

  • Our unique technologies and products are the leading enabler for innovation and creativity, and for driving production efficiencies for many industries

  • Our independence enables a flexible, collaborative approach to ensure we remain customer-centric and focus on their goals


ImagineX is Xaar's new bulk printhead platform using high laydown technology to power the next 30 years of innovation in inkjet capabilities.

The ImagineX platform will provide the basis for our next series of product launches, enhancing the capabilities of inkjet printing and opening additional opportunities for our OEM partners and end-users alike enabling us to push the boundaries of what's possible with powerful, reliable and efficient technology.

Xaar Roadmap - Powered by our ImagineX Platform

Feature/Product Status Benefits
Increased throw distance Launched H2 2021 (Xaar Irix) Image quality on curved media and reduced risk of head strike
High Frequency (48kHz) Launched H1 2021 (Xaar Nitrox) 40% increase in speed and productivity
Aqueous compatibility In beta development Water based conductive inks and fluids
Robust nozzle plate In test Image quality maintained
High Frequency (57kHz) In test 60% increase in speed and productivity
Ultra high frequency (150+kHz) In test Three fold increase in speed
High resolution In development Higher native resolution up to 1440npi