Our Story

The digital inkjet opportunity

Together with our partners and customers, Xaar has been transforming the world of inkjet technology for 30 years – and we’re just getting started. With a new leadership team, new technology and new products, we have an exciting roadmap for the future – that will help our partners unleash the true power of inkjet printing and open up a world of opportunities for their business. 

We believe true innovation comes from collaboration, which is why all our teams work together in Cambridgeshire where industrial inkjet was born.

Collaboration is at the core of our global partnerships too - whether we’re helping customers enhance their uptime or create production efficiencies from high-speed digitisation - we’re always innovating together.

We know that inkjet technology can not only maximise the efficiency of our partners’ businesses but help them evolve too. That’s why we go on a journey with our customers - offering expert insights and technical support every step of the way. Just like our printheads, Xaar’s partnerships are built to last.

Our values

We are creative. We push the boundaries of what’s possible.

We are collaborative. We work together as a team and with our clients.

We’re innovative. We always look for new, better solutions.

We have integrity. We deliver on our promises.

We do everything with passion. We care about our technology, our products, our partners and each other.

Our mission

We help companies and industries be
more colourful, creative and
productive through our world-class
technology and printheads.

Why Xaar?

Market leading technology: Leverage Xaar’s position as an industry leader in inkjet printing technology, its strong technology platform and its unique printhead architecture to regain lost market share in key end markets

Expert: Refreshed management with in-depth industry knowledge and experience to successfully execute Xaar’s new strategy

Collaborative: Independence enables a flexible,collaborative approach to ensure Xaar remain customer centric and focused

Strong cash position: A disciplined approach to cost control and strong cash management, allowing for strategy enhancing investments

Markets we serve

  • Ceramics
  • Glass
  • Wide-format graphics
  • Packaging
  • Coding & marking
  • Direct-to-Shape
  • 3D printing
  • Advanced manufacturing

Our Business Model

+ Printhead

Our Printhead business unit focuses on the design, manufacture, marketing and sales of printheads and associated products which are used in a variety of sectors such as for printing Ceramic Tile Decoration, Graphics, Décor, Labels and Packaging as well as 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing.

+ Product print systems

Product print involves printing all kinds of industrial and promotional objects such as medical equipment, automotive parts, tools, apparel, appliances, sports equipment and toys. Xaar company, EPS, manufactures and sells a range of highly customised print systems for these applications, including some using Xaar’s own inkjet printheads.

+ 3D printing

Our 3D Printing business unit, in which Xaar 3D sits, develops 3D printing solutions based on High Speed Sintering technologies which will have unique capabilities to address new markets especially in manufacturing. With investment from Xaar plc and Stratasys, Xaar 3D can leverage the natural synergies between global leaders in inkjet technology and 3D printing technology.

Xaar history

Based at Cambridge Science Park, Xaar was initially founded in 1990 by a team of four including Mike Willis and Mark Shepherd. The goal was to commercialise the work done at Cambridge Consultants by Steve Temple and David Paton, the inventors of Xaar’s piezoelectric Drop-on-Demand technology; both of whom also joined the company shortly after Xaar began life.


Our printheads are trusted in industrial markets around the globe as the most effective way to lay down precise volumes of inks and fluids with absolute pin-point accuracy time after time. Our technology is used in a wide range of manufacturing applications, including graphics, labelling, direct-to-shape, packaging, product decoration, ceramic tile decoration, décor, and outer case coding – as well as printing with specialist functional fluids for advanced manufacturing techniques.